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Wondabeka and Austin, the men behind SERV Nutrition. They’re two former collegiate athletes that were brought together through their love for health, community, and giving back. They shared the mission of empowering real life people to change the world through a community of health.

Here’s how the idea really started. Austin (middle) had just finished a home workout in his basement as he threw a Tide Pod in to do laundry. He then rushed upstairs to make a protein shake. His plans were soon delayed as he spilled his protein powder all over the counter. This wasn’t the first time this had happened and imagine it has happened to you as well. His initial thought? “There has to be a better way to do this.” After cleaning the mess, he called Wondabeka to tell him his idea. They decided to pursue this as a new business venture.

Fueled off passion and a mixture of coffee and Red Bull, the guys set out to launch a company worthy of changing the protein game forever, bringing convenience and more time to every person. Good thing for the passion because the next 19 months would be an up and down journey to bring their business to life. From name changes (over a dozen to be exact), to trying to perfect their innovative protein, to countless other setbacks, they endured a lot. What never dwindled, though, was that passion. Along the journey, they realized that every single person had the issue of making messes while scooping, inconvenience of taking oversized tubs with them while on-the-go, and not getting nearly as many servings from the tub that it suggested. It was just reassurance they were onto something.

SERV Nutrition was born. Austin and Won, created a protein powder made for the go-getters and the active lifestyle with the convenience to make things happen whenever and wherever. Oh, and not one countertop protein spill has happened since.

Their vision wasn’t just to create a protein company. Their vision was to solve a need while also creating an impact and to leave the world better than they found it. The two founders saw the opportunity to use a protein company as a vehicle to serve others. They thought of people like you - the ones who look to be efficient in everyday life and aim to be better than yesterday, all while keeping service to the community top of mind. It may just be a product, but PROPDROPS were created to be the catalyst of change.