PRODROPS are a great addition to anyone's lifestyle. Whether you're an athlete, exercise just to stay in shape, or just need more protein in your diet, this is the best tasting, most convenient option for you. No more dealing with over-sized tubs and scoops. No more messes. No more spills. No more clumping powder with a chalky taste. After years of R&D, we have solved these issues in the traditional protein-taking process. The future is here and it is the PRODROP. Enjoy the best tasting, most convenient protein. ever.



Let’s cut right to the chase. No, the film is not plastic, harmful to your body, and most importantly, they are not Tide Pods! It’s 100% edible, dissolvable, and food-grade, meaning it’s tasteless and odorless. The film can be most closely comparable to Advil liquigel capsules or Listerine strips. You’ll love our outer film because it’s what allows your protein to be on-the-go and spill-free.



TAsteless & odorless



Whey protein is chock-full of the nine essential amino acids, which are quickly absorbed and aid in muscle growth, endurance, and recovery. Whey also helps shed body fat making it the superior protein source! 


What are amino acids and what do they do? They’re often referred to as the building blocks of protein and they aid in muscle growth, endurance, and recovery. All 20 amino acids are wildly important. However, our bodies cannot naturally produce 9 of the 20, which means we must get them from food or supplements. Luckily, PROPDROPS contain these 9 essential acids.


Cocoa is full of health benefits making it the obvious choice to flavor our protein with. What are the benefits? Here are a handful: improves brain health, balances cholesterol levels, enhances mood, and regulates blood sugar.


Lecithin is essential to your body and we chose Sunflower over Soy because it is non-GMO and fewer people are allergic to it. Sunflower Lecithin is rich in choline and other essential fatty acids. It has been known to improve liver function, cholesterol levels, arthritis, and high blood pressure.


This mineral supports strong bones and teeth, but you already know that from being told to drink your milk as a child.


High protein, low sugar, & low carbs make PRODROPS keto-friendly. See for yourself: 20g protein, 1.6g sugar, 1.6g carbs.

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PRODROPS are great for post-workout. The whey supports muscle growth, endurance, and recovery and should be taken within 30 minutes of workout completion.

Meal Replacement

Now a healthy, good-tasting meal option packed full of the good protein your body needs. This is great for reducing your caloric intake. To bulk up the shake, use with almond milk and nutritious additives like peanut butter, greens powder, cinnamon, chia seeds, or flax seeds.


No more taking oversized tubs and scoops with you on the road. Just throw a PRODROP in your bag or purse and you’re set.

Shake or smoothie

Whether a protein shake with water/almond milk or a smoothie is your thing, we have you covered. Just drop 1 PRODROP into your bottle or blender with 10-12oz of liquid. Shake or blend until completely dissolved. And enjoy!

protein coffee

Your morning will never be the same again. Drop 1 PRODROP in with 10-12oz of coffee, hot or cold. Either way, it’ll dissolve in seconds. Voilà!


No more measuring your protein for that recipe. Now you get the perfect amount every time. Protein brownies, energy balls, pancakes... no problem!



Taste is amazing! Pod is a convenience on so many levels - can use when I’m ready, easy to travel with, helps me stay on track with my busy schedule. Local KC brand that gives back with every purchase! Super happy!

Kelly Manz

This is by far the best protein I have tried! It dissolves fully, is super convenient, and easy to grab on-the-go, and actually tastes good (no funky aftertaste or anything like I've experienced with most protein products I've tried).

Audrey Oglesby