Why Your Purpose in Life Needs You Healthy

It’s no secret that Americans aren’t too healthy. Our diet is atrocious, our exercise habits lax. We don’t even get enough sleep. We make plenty of excuses. “I’d rather spend that time with my family,” we say. Or perhaps, the biggest farce of all: “It’s what’s on the inside that counts.” We believe physical health isn’t a part of our greater purpose in life, and that as long as we’re serving others, it doesn’t matter what we eat or how seldom we work out. We’re here to put a stop to this myth. A healthy life is a more purposeful life. Here’s why:

What is Purpose?

At Serv, we believe that each person has a purpose, and that we’re all uniquely gifted toward that purpose. Our three founders had a revolutionary idea for protein pods, but it wasn’t just a way to get paid. Purpose is we partner with Manna Packs to help provide essential nutrition for children in developing countries. Every time you purchase a Serv product, you help feed a kid. So what’s your purpose?

Health on Mission

Maybe you know already, or maybe you’re still searching. But whatever stage you’re in, you need energy. Living on purpose isn’t easy. It means putting in the extra hours necessary to help those in need. Sometimes it involves the harsh efforts of travel or physical labor. Have you ever built a house for an elderly lady in a Peruvian favela? It’s a lot of work!

Purpose isn’t just physically challenging. It takes a quick, decisive mind. You need mental stamina when you’re helping others. Finally, and most importantly, it’s an emotional strain. A life on purpose is an emotional rollercoaster. You have to pour out your heart.

What does this have to do with eating well and exercising? A healthier lifestyle is scientifically proven to reduce stress. And a low-stress life improves both mental and emotional health. Obviously the deadlifts and planks you’re doing will give you more physical energy to carry bags of rice or play soccer with orphans. But they’ll also help you want to keep going, and that’s important.

Internal Combustion

A great workout is essentially motivation in practice. You have to push yourself several times a week. Do one more rep. Hold that pose a few seconds longer. Run one more mile. There’s always a moment when you just have to push.

Many people know their purpose, but tried it once and found it difficult, so they gave up. They just couldn’t motivate themselves to keep going. Maybe that’s you. Maybe we’ve all been there. But exercise, or even eating the not-so-tasty health foods we should all make a regular part of our diet, means that we’re practicing motivation every day. It becomes a habit. So when we get to our purpose, that habit has already formed, and we’re not so quick to give up. If your purpose was easy, someone else would have done it already. You won’t accomplish it laying around watching Netflix. So we need to understand motivation, and healthy living will get us there.

Free Influence Points

Living on purpose will almost always require influencing people. Whether you’re raising funds or sharing a message, you’ll need people to listen. And this requires credibility. It’s indisputable that we as a culture tend to trust a six pack more than a beer belly. When you’re trying to influence others, being in great shape is a guaranteed foot in the door.

“What’s on the inside matters more,” says society. But let’s examine this idea for a moment. Nobody is perfect. But if someone comes along offering you answers, but they’re not disciplined enough to take care of themselves, maybe they don’t actually have the answers. Because what’s on the inside will affect what’s on the outside. If you live a motivated, integrous life, it will show— emotionally, financially, and yes, even physically.

Endurance, motivation, influence. They’re all crucial factors in living a life on purpose, and living healthy can get you all three. Your purpose needs you healthy. Serv Nutrition is proud to be a part of your healthy lifestyle with our quick and easy protein pods. That’s our purpose. We hope our products, in their small way, will help you accomplish yours.