3 Tips To Staying Healthy While Traveling

While traveling, it can feel nearly impossible to stay healthy and on track with a regular routine. We have come up with some tips and tricks to keep you motivated on and off the road, especially on the days that grabbing a cinnamon roll and a venti frappuccino in the airport feels like the best option.

1. Get a workout in as soon as you get off the plane

Traveling can be exhausting (as we all know) but making sure to stick to a structured workout and healthy eating can change everything. If your schedule doesn’t allow for it immediately after landing, plan out your week and exact times that you are able to workout. Don’t make it a daily guessing game. Most gyms/yoga studios offer a free day/week to first-timers or a discounted first month for long term travelers. Having people around you is a good way to still feel accountable, even if they are strangers. If you’re good at being self-motivated or low on time, the hotel gym may be enough for you.

If you need help with workout plans, let us know and our team of highly trained athletes can assist you.

2. Enjoy the trip, but not too much

While traveling, it can feel easy to want to splurge and treat yourself, but the more you can eat normal/healthy meals, the better you will feel. Even in a hotel, it’s possible to not eat out every meal. Find a nearby grocery store and buy easy to eat things such as carrots and hummus, pre-made hard-boiled eggs, tuna/chicken creations, protein bars, fresh fruit, or a SERV Nutrition protein shake. Stay away from processed foods. Even microwavable meals like SmartOnes can contain things we don’t need in our bodies so check the labels.

Most hotel rooms will already have a fridge and microwave so utilize them. If not, here is a hotel hack for you! More times than not, you can call down to the front desk and they will bring one to your room! Having something easy like almonds or a healthy protein bar like RX Bar with you is always a good idea as well, especially when in the airport or on the plane. This will prevent you from eating expensive, unhealthy airport/plane food. To recap, here are some good options:

3. Take control while eating out/drinking

Eating out is bound to happen while traveling! Finding unique local places to have a good meal can sometimes be the most exciting part of your trip. One way to win if you know you’ll be eating out later that night is to limit your carb intake during the day. When you arrive at the restaurant, know that you can win here, too. Most restaurants are happy to do a grilled chicken breast and some vegetables with less oil. Just ask your waitress and they'll point you to the healthier dishes.

Drinking can be part of the fun of traveling as well! While it is fun, there are better choices than others to stay with your goals. Stay away from beer and heavier drinks that will make you feel bloated. If you do choose a beer, go with a light beer. When it comes to cocktails or hard liquor, choose the option with the least amount of sugar. Soda water or regular water are the best options for mixing. If you must have a soda, go with any low calorie/sugar option such as Sprite Zero or Diet Coke/Coke Zero.

Have fun on your travels! Remember that traveling is supposed to be enjoyable so enjoy yourself! Just a reminder that your food and drink choices do not control you, you control them. You got this!

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